Why YouTube is Better than Spotify

2 min readMar 11, 2021

The song is Lucky Girl by Fazerdaze.

The first thing we see is a school girl, taking off her socks in front of the fountain and going in. Some kids splash water on her, and she plays with them in the shallow water. Then she talks to the kids, and she points her finger towards us. The viewer. She comes over with a big wide open smile.

From the scenes after this, we learn that we’re seeing this girl from the perspective of her boyfriend, who’s recording her.

The chorus comes on. The catchy repetitions and the happy riffs pulls us into the story.

The top comment says: “Thank you for making me feel like I have a girlfriend.”

Suddenly the song is imbued with more life, and we start to see the realness of the story. The cheek-to-cheek smile, the imperfect angles taken, the boyfriend who’s shy in front of the camera.

Then we read the fourth comment, and it says: “Please don’t tell the homies I’m here…” and we picture a man’s man, muscular and tall, watching the video before bed, all curled up and smiling.

And all throughout this, the song gains more and more meaning. So by the end, it’s no longer just a catchy song, but a whole feeling , a whole vibe made up of smiles, sunlight, dates at the arcade, guilty pleasures, and so much more.

This is why listening to songs on Youtube is a better experience. The unofficial footages and comment section make the songs more vibrant, more lively.

Using Spotify is easier, but it’s not richer.