24 Things I Learned In 24 Years of Life

Glenn Gould by Valeriya Lakrisenko
  1. Too much introspection can paralyse you. As Nietzsche so famously said, if you look into the abyss long enough, the abyss also looks into you.
  2. Seeking attention is not something to be ashamed of.
  3. The teachings of religion are the main source of hatred in the world.
  4. There’s a difference between knowing something with your mind and knowing something with every fibre of your being.
  5. The purpose of art is to revive our love of life.
  6. Even if discussions end in disagreement, they still change our opinions. We just don’t see it because it’s not a 180 degree change.
  7. While it’s true that we say what we feel, it’s also true that we feel what we say. We are victims of our hyperbole.
  8. Life is more engaging and rewarding if you look at everything you do as an art form. A craft.
  9. People can hold on to their extreme views if they are prevented from expressing them; that’s because once they’ve expressed their extreme views to the public, they automatically open themselves to counterarguments, paving the way for a more moderate version of those extreme ideas.
  10. Forgiveness is just a synonym for forgetfulness. We forgive someone when we forget the intensity of the emotions we felt at what they did.
  11. Sex is a conversation.
  12. Everyone is confined to the shackles of their identity.The stronger your identity, the lesser your freedom.
  13. People are fond of giving away what they need most themselves.
  14. Women want to feel wanted — but this does not mean that they also want to be taken. The tragedy of men is in assuming that to want something and to take it is the same thing.
  15. No one thinks about you as much as you do.
  16. Philosophy is like Durian. It turns most people away by its pungent smell, but those who do pick it up find their favourite thing in the world. The king of fruits.
  17. The universe doesn’t owe you anything. You don’t deserve to get something just because you want it.
  18. Disobeying your religion’s commandments does not make you a bad person.
  19. The surest way to be certain about your ideas is to be uncertain about them.
  20. There’s no such thing as role models; the hand that does heroic acts and the mouth that proclaims remarkable ideas will in time commit disgraceful things and say ridiculous untruths.
  21. Threatening people is a counterproductive way of changing their behaviour.
  22. Women nowadays believe they are beautiful. That’s why they are.
  23. Our words make up our reality. Learn more words and you’ll see more.
  24. Our dreams are based on the things that were triggered during the day by association to the things that happened.



Every creative needs a lab. This is mine.

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